To anyone who may have found this corner of the internet, and wonders why it is here,

To you I say hello! Pull up an e-chair and have an e-drink of your choice. We are generous people here in the internet.

We are the Sparrow and the Dove, of Chester and Billingham (it’s near Middlesbrough) respectively, though in a few days we’ll be moving to Frankfurt, where I’ll be pursuing a career in translation. Neither of us speaks German worth a damn – yet – so that’s probably going to be a recurring topic here. Spuggy (that’s Teesside for ‘sparrow’, so don’t say we never teach you anything) is into cooking, so he shall be posting recipes galore, I enjoy writing scathing reviews and, well, writing in general, so expect plenty of words to be posted here at any moment.

In between all this, of course, we hope you’ll be able to follow our adventures in Germany in which we shall assiduously not mention the war, laughing, crying, and having your heart warmed at the appropriate times.

See you soon!

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