7 Things only 90s kids will remember!

The 90s was the decade when everything sped up! Sure, in the previous decades, technology and entertainment and politics changed, but that was so slow. The explosion of culture in the last decade of the century was completely unheard of before, and completely reshaped the world. The 90s produced so much new stuff, and got rid of so much old stuff, that only those who spent their childhoods in the 90s will ever truly understand that revolution! Already, it’s an era we look back on fondly, and with nostalgia. That’s why we at Sparrow & Dove have put together a list of 7 things, from every part of life, that only 90s kids will ever truly get!

1. Neo-impressionism!

This ain’t your parents’ impressionism! Back in the 70s and 80s, artists were content to muck about with blurry paintings of trees and ponds. The neo-impressionists blew all that out of the water with their bright, colourful paintings composed of dots of pure colour and strong lines! Every 90s kid will agree: painting has never been so vibrant!


If you wanted a laugh in the 90s, there was one place to turn: Oscar Wilde’s amazeballs play The Importance of Being Earnest! If you remember Lady Bracknell’s heartfelt cry of “A HAAAAAAAAANDBAAAAAAAAAAAG!?”, you’re probably a 90s kid!

3. X-rays!

Did you know that in the past, people how no way of knowing what their bones looked like? It’s true! It wasn’t until Wilhelm Roentgen discovered X-rays that people could find out if their bones were made of bones or, like, metal or something. Every 90s kid must remember how cool it was to see your bones for the first time!

4. Player piano!

It’s impossible to imagine how weird it would be to live in a world where you couldn’t just listen to music whenever you wanted to. But before the 90s, that’s exactly how the world was! Until the player piano came along, that is! Suddenly, people could just press a button and get a song! If you’re a 90s kid, you must remember waltzing away to one!

5. Movies!

What would we do without new technology? The invention of the Cinemascope meant that suddenly, you could watch a play WHENEVER YOU WANTED! We remember wetting ourselves with laughter when the boy stood on the hosepipe – if you do too, you’re almost certainly a 90s kid!

6. Propaganda of the deed!

The 90s weren’t all movies and handbags, of course. Across Europe, anarchist terrorism was on the rise, and bombs were being thrown everywhere. Every 90s kid must remember being told by their mums to stay away from foreigners after the Greenwich Observatory bombing – if you don’t, you’re probably not a 90s kid!

7. 90s fashion!

We’re almost finished, but no trip through the 90s would be complete without a mention of the fashions! Where in the past, sleeves were tight and skirts were big, suddenly that all reversed! Women wore leg-o-mutton sleeves and cycling suits, and all the cool boys started wearing lounge coats and blazers. You know the drill – if you remember these, you’re a true 90s kid!

There you have it. Seven things that all true 90s kids will remember! We hope you enjoyed reading, and don’t forget to share this on the telegraph!

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