I wasn’t joking about the poems

I’m really enjoying messing around with poetry. I should be finishing off a story but stories are long and ungrateful and poems are short and manageable.

If you’re unfamiliar with my writing then Spuggy says this is pretty representative of my themes, and I can agree with that. Representative themes of the Dove school are ‘bones’ and ‘putting things into other things’.

Also I’m really sorry about the title.

A Love Poem

sit back to front with me,
fold me concave into you.
hollow out my back. I’ll
unhook my scapulae
and pack them flat.

I’ll slip between the wings
of your ribcage
and pretend to be trapped
for fun.
the slats of your ribs will be my marimba.
I’ll tap out
tuneless tunes
on your clavicles to
make you squirm.

you can take deep breaths,
inflate your lungs around my face
to annoy me.
when I protest you’ll say
“I thought you liked hugs.”

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