Poem and Recc

Poem time again!

First, I want to leave a recommendation here, instead of just presenting my ridiculous free verse. It’s kind of like a “Here’s what you could have won” sort of deal.

I want to introduce you to someone I met for three weeks when I was 15.

So I was lucky enough to be invited to go to the very first NAGTY summer school, on a creative writing course. It was crazy fun, as you can imagine (I’ll probably reminisce about this more in future), and to be honest, most of us were just precocious. There was one girl who really stood out though, even then. Like, she was a poet (my genre of choice was trashy fantasy) and she was so far above my level it was like a wren looking at a condor. Even now I remember lines of the poems she wrote during those three weeks. She was really quiet, but I remember her laughing at the silliest things. She has almost certainly forgotten I exist, thankfully, so she won’t see my terrible poetry…

Her name is Chloe Stopa-Hunt and please check her out, because she is amazing and more people should be talking about her.

My own fledgling work will be hidden behind a readmore out of respect/shame.

What even is ‘the same’ and why do we need to be it anyway?

when something irreversible
I know that I can simply reach back
and be before.
just like I could punch a wall or
rob a bank or
leave the world and become a nun.

Don’t you think it’s weird
that we live in a world where
medical textbooks exist?

In this environment
introduce variable x
and every single human body that has
ever been or
ever will be
will behave in that way

even yours.

I touch the scar compulsively
like I’m trying to convince myself
that this hand is
the same hand I grew up with.

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