Frankfurt Sneak Preview Stats – The Sequel

Another year, another… year of films? Anyway, here are some stats about the Sneak Preview films we had at Frankfurt Metropolis Cinestar. You can see last year’s here, and compare with what happened this year. Get ready for some movie statistics!

So first of all, how long were the films?

Film length in minutes over the year

One weird trend from 2014 has definitely been maintained in 2015: the longest films are in the winter months. Of the 10 longest films, only 3 were in Summer Time and the others were all before the clocks went forward (or after they went back), while 9 of the 10 shortest were in summer. Again, annoying when you’re stuck waiting for a late night train in the cold!

Histogram of film length in 5 minute bins

However, there was a bit more variety in the film lengths this time, without the weird spike at 120 minutes. We had two films shorter than anything from 2014 (Unfriended at 83 min, Slow West at 84) but nothing as long as that year’s Anchorman 2 (the longest was Child 44 at 137 min).

What about genres? If 2014 was the year of the thriller, 2015 was the year of the biopic.

Bar chart of how many films were in each genre

With 11 biopics – plus a couple of based-on-a-true-story films that fell into other genres – it was the runaway winner. Dramedy made a good showing too, as films struggled to decide whether to make you laugh or cry.

Stacked bar chart of genres by month

(Sorry again about the stacked bar chart). There’s not much in the way of obvious patterns here, although all the action films fell at the start of the year. Most of the other genres were fairly evenly distributed throughout the year. But what was not evenly distributed…

Bar chart of film locations

was the choice of locations. 2015 was much more US-centric than 2014 – and many of the films that weren’t set in the US were about Americans overseas.

Bar chart of films by source

Still, Hollywood stayed original, with just one sequel (Magic Mike XXL) and one remake (The Gambler). As you’d expect in a year of drama and biopics, true stories and original concepts both saw a big boost.

Bar chart of films by BBFC rating

As might be expected, we got a lot of 15-rated films this year. Nothing 18-rated – perhaps that’s not surprising given that there wasn’t much horror.

So, those were the films… but how good were they? Rotten Tomatoes is a generally reliable metric, and it says…

Scatter graph of Rotten Tomatoes scores over the year

April really is the cruellest month.

Some random interesting snippets:

Alzheimers films: 2 (Still Alice and Mr Holmes)

Films with “America” in the title: 3 (American Sniper, McFarland USA, American Ultra)

Films about stolen art: 3 (Woman in Gold, Big Eyes, Love & Mercy)

Films about gay people in the 20th century: 2 (The Imitation Game, Carol)

And here as ever is the raw data:

Title Length Genre From a… Setting BBFC RT
05/01/2015 The Gambler 111 Crime Remake US 15 46%
12/01/2015 Birdman 119 Dramedy Original US 15 92%
19/01/2015 The Imitation Game 114 Biopic True story UK 12A 90%
26/01/2015 Blackhat 133 Action Original World trip 15 34%
02/02/2015 Foxcatcher 134 Biopic True story US 15 88%
09/02/2015 Still Alice 101 Drama Book US 12A 88%
16/02/2015 Kingsman 129 Action Comic UK 15 75%
23/02/2015 American Sniper 133 Biopic True story Iraq 15 72%
02/03/2015 A Most Violent Year 125 Crime Original US 15 89%
09/03/2015 The F Word 98 Romcom Original Canada 15 70%
16/03/2015 The Voices 103 Dark Comedy Original US 15 72%
23/03/2015 Big Eyes 106 Biopic True story US 12A 72%
30/03/2015 Ex Machina 108 Sci-Fi Original Scandinavia 15 92%
06/04/2015 The Gunman 115 Action Book DRC 15 17%
13/04/2015 Tracers 94 Action Original US 12A 25%
20/04/2015 Unfinished Business 91 Comedy Original Germany 15 11%
27/04/2015 Child 44 137 Thriller Book Russia 15 25%
04/05/2015 Woman in Gold 109 Biopic True story Austria 12A 54%
11/05/2015 Big Game 90 Action Original Scandinavia 15 76%
18/05/2015 Trash 114 Thriller Book Brazil 15 63%
25/05/2015 McFarland,USA 129 Biopic True story US PG 80%
01/06/2015 The Age of Adaline 112 Fantasy Original US 12A 54%
08/06/2015 Love and Mercy 121 Biopic True story US 12A 90%
15/06/2015 The Duff 101 Comedy Book US 12A 71%
22/06/2015 Escobar: Paradise Lost 120 Drama True story Colombia 15 51%
29/06/2015 Entourage 104 Comedy TV show US 15 32%
06/07/2015 Unfriended 83 Horror Original Internet 15 62%
13/07/2015 Slow West 84 Western Original US 15 92%
20/07/2015 Magic Mike XXL 115 Dramedy Sequel US 15 62%
27/07/2015 Coconut Hero 97 Dramedy Original Canada 12A
03/08/2015 Learning to Drive 90 Dramedy Newspaper article US Not rated in UK 65%
10/08/2015 Trainwreck 125 Romcom Original US 15 85%
17/08/2015 Self/Less 117 Thriller Original US 12A 21%
24/08/2015 We Are Your Friends 96 Drama Original US 15 41%
31/08/2015 Kill the Messenger 112 Biopic True story US 15 77%
07/09/2015 Inside Out 95 Kids Original The mind U 98%
14/09/2015 Life 111 Biopic True story US 15 60%
21/09/2015 Sicario 121 Thriller Original Mexico 15 93%
28/09/2015 American Ultra 96 Dark Comedy Original US 15 43%
05/10/2015 A Walk in the Woods 104 Comedy True story US 15 46%
12/10/2015 Black Mass 122 Crime True story US 15 75%
19/10/2015 The Walk 123 Biopic True story US PG 85%
26/10/2015 Steve Jobs 122 Biopic True story US 15 85%
02/11/2015 Youth 124 Dramedy Original Switzerland 15 75%
09/11/2015 Irrational Man 95 Crime Original US 12A 42%
16/11/2015 The Night Before 101 Comedy Original US 15 67%
23/11/2015 Dark Places 113 Thriller Book US 15 26%
30/11/2015 Burnt 101 Dramedy Original UK 15 28%
07/12/2015 Carol 118 Drama Book US 15 94%
14/12/2015 Mr Holmes 104 Drama Book UK PG 87%
21/12/2015 The Big Short 130 Dramedy True story US 15 88%

(Films marked “True Story” may be based on books or (in the case of Escobar) a snippet of overheard conversation. Run times are taken from IMDb. Genre and Setting are subjective, and some films straddle locations or genres – I picked the most interesting. Don’t rely on this data for anything serious!)

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