German Reading Project: Die Tribute Von Panem by Suzanne Collins, chapter 23

I’m sort of fudging a bit here. I didn’t take Die Tribute on holiday with me because I wouldn’t have had a dictionary without bothering Spuggy every two minutes and it would have been more hassle than it was worth. Also, I felt like I had enough homework to do what with the editing of my own story. So I’ll cut it back down to one chapter between English books, just so I don’t let too much time get between me and them.

I know, I know, I just love arbitrary rules. They help me get things done.

Best word of chapter 23:

naschen: to nibble. Reminds me of Gnasher.

And in Hunger Games-specific words, this chapter gives us the famous nightlock – or der Nachtriegel. This time the German has gone for a very literal approach, “nacht” meaning “night”, and “riegel” meaning… “lock”. The English reference to nightshade/hemlock is mostly lost (nightshade is der Nachtschatten and hemlock is der Schierling, or die Hemlocktanne for the hemlock spruce) but the literal name is still pretty effective, I think.

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