Sparrow Songs: Instrumentality

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Our website went down for a bit because the ‘Confirm your identity’ emails got sent to the spam folder. Oh well. We’re back (hopefully).

So, here are some more songs. This time, let’s go for some instrumentals!

“Black Heroes”, Ratatat

This song features a lot in Charlie Brooker shows, which is how I actually know about it.

“Horsell Common and the Heat Ray”, Jeff Wayne

Best bass line ever? I say: yes.

“Untitled”, Neutral Milk Hotel

To be honest, this mostly here because I really like this mashup of it, but that’s not instrumental, is it?

“Telstar”, The Tornados

“Telstar” was the first song to go number 1 in the US and UK simultaneously, and the guitarist is George Bellamy, father of Muse’s lead singer Matt Bellamy. Which is why Muse’s “Knights of Cydonia” borrows so heavily from this one.

“Exceeder”, Mason

You may know this from the mashup “Perfect Exceeder”. It also works very well on its own though.

“Radio Protector”, 65daysofstatic

The first version of this song I found had a clip of George Monbiot talking about climate change spliced into the middle, and it now sounds a bit weird without it.

“The Owl”, I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness

Poor crow.

“The Geometry of Circles”, Philip Glass

I still find it weird that Philip Glass composed for Sesame Street, but there you go. I was wondering whether to save this for a classical day but… Sesame Street isn’t exactly classical either. I think children would be likely to find this scary rather than educational, but it’s good music.

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