We’ve had a squirrel recently start visiting our valcony. This squirrel happens to be a big fan of the planters where I’m trying to grow dandelions and burdocks for a MYSTERY PROJECT, which is annoying, but it’s so cute that you can’t really hold it against it (Her? Him? Red squirrels are sexually monomorphic, so there’s no way to tell their sex.)

But interestingly, the squirrel seems to have noticed our bird camera, and though it doesn’t know it actually is, there’s nothing it likes more than staring into it. It even likes doing that more than it likes eating…

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Garden update!

A couple of months ago, I blogged about our budding balcony garden. I thought that would be it, but apparently plants do this weird thing called “grow”. I know, right? STRANGE.

So, here’s an update on how our garden has “grown”.

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Our balcony garden

A few months ago, the lady who lives across the hallway from us very kindly gave us one of her old windowboxes (and a hideously orange sun lounger). Since then, we’ve been building up a small garden on the balcony and as the first few plants just approach maturity, we thought now might be a good time for an internet guided tour! So sit back and enjoy!

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