Translation Matters

Something a little different from my usual cross-stitch focused pieces today, kids. I finally finished reading Les Misérables. This was a huge deal for me, because I started reading it in possibly my first year of uni (maybe third or fourth? I’m bad at remembering dates). I’d discovered that you can get classic books for cheaps from the uni bookshop (a discovery that provided me with much and more pleasure, as I grew first more and then less pretentious).

I got quite far through, up to Marius’s falling in with the students, and then it was the holidays, and moving out of one accommodation into another, and I lost the book somewhere between dorm, mam’s house, dad’s house and the new dorm. I might even have lost it between first year and the yawning blank of second year, which I spent in Japan. These things happen. One of the big lessons I’ve learned about moving and travelling is that books are most often sacrificed to the twin gods of luggage allowance and practicality.

This is why I loved Suzy in Moonrise Kingdom, with her suitcases filled with nothing but books.

So, I never finished Les Mis, until I got a Kindle for Christmas and realised I could get it (again) for free.

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