Escalator Fairy

Frankfurt Maths 2: A cunning marketing scheme (and/or a way to massively inconvenience the disabled)

If you’ve spent more than about seventeen seconds in Frankfurt, you’ll have met the Escalator Fairy: the strange malevolent force that ensures that there will always, always, always be at least one broken escalator between you and your destination – more if you’ve got heavy suitcases or are travelling with someone who has a disability.

But even when they’re working, the escalators in Frankfurt can be a source of limitless irritation. Not too long ago, Dove’s family came to visit, including her granddad, who needs a walking stick. We had to get a replacement battery for a mobile phone (or as the Germans would say, EIN HANDY AKKU) so we decided to go to the Saturn in MyZeil, the topologically non-trivial shopping centre on the Zeil.*

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