A Paradelle

I wrote this poem a while ago, and am moving it from my DeviantArt account to here for easy finding on request (!) This is a paradelle. Read the link! Paradelles are great and everyone should try them.

(A request! A real unfished-for request! Best Christmas present ever!)

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A Christmas Poem

I really don’t know how to introduce or explain this. I wrote a Christmas poem on a whim for Stephen Donaldson’s acclaimed fantasy series, The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. I can’t guarantee its readability to anyone who hasn’t read these books.

Merry Christmas!

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7 Things only 90s kids will remember!

The 90s was the decade when everything sped up! Sure, in the previous decades, technology and entertainment and politics changed, but that was so slow. The explosion of culture in the last decade of the century was completely unheard of before, and completely reshaped the world. The 90s produced so much new stuff, and got rid of so much old stuff, that only those who spent their childhoods in the 90s will ever truly understand that revolution! Already, it’s an era we look back on fondly, and with nostalgia. That’s why we at Sparrow & Dove have put together a list of 7 things, from every part of life, that only 90s kids will ever truly get!

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Rail Replacement Bus

A SPOOOOOOOKY story about a bus. Get ready for TERROR.

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Occupy Tom Nook

A pre-print of an article soon to appear in the prestigious Mushroom Kingdom Journal of Socioeconomics.

Occupy Tom Nook

City of Bones – Chapter 10 part 2


You may (but will probably not) be interested to know that I have a Tumblr now, in which I reblog things and put up cross stitch pictures and things. Please keep in mind that I am really not very interesting.

On to City of Bones!

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What would really happen if the Earth lost oxygen for five seconds?

I’ve seen this Buzzfeed video floating around a bit on the internet (a more readable picture version is here). Purportedly, it explains what would happen if the Earth lost oxygen for five seconds. But… well, perhaps you shouldn’t use Buzzfeed as your main source of scientific information.

So, what would really happen?

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A Cross Stitch of Ice and Fire 3

Hello friends, it’s only been like a year since I last did one of these.

Today’s sigils are the Greyjoys and the Tullys, because I like themes and I also like seafood!

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City of Bones – Chapter 10 part 1

Long time no see etc.

I’ve been a bit scatty lately (more than usual, I KNOW!) because I’ve been moving all my stuff from one computer to another, an experience not unlike moving house. I originally came to Germany thinking, if we move into a furnished flat, we will accumulate much less stuff, and therefore will be able to move into a different flat when we are settled much more easily.

You’d think this would work! You’d think that, well, you can’t buy beds or sofas or chairs or cabinets or TVs or kitchen appliances that would require a great deal of moving, because these things are already provided and there is simply NO SPACE.

You would be right, and you would be wrong.

Because of course we can’t accumulate big things, but by the mighty beard of Jove, we can go back to England multiple times with empty suitcases and come back with full ones. One day my feelings about decorating our own place will overwhelm me and we shall have to move, and I am dreading that day. On that day we shall have so much stuff that we won’t be able to fit in the trivial things like chairs and beds and kitchen appliances.

But yeah, I’ve been moving all my stuff over, and in my usual way I was like whooo, all I need is my precious writing because I’m so unmaterialistic and a creature of simple pleasures and an artiste, and as soon as I moved it over I realised I’d forgotten my music and my pictures and I didn’t have Skype and I’d forgotten all my online passwords and basically right now I’m waiting for over 13,000 music tracks to copy over to my external hard drive so I can stick them here where they belong. Simple pleasures indeed.

Ergo, blogging! Of a sort!

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Google Search Q&A 5

Hey, let’s see what’s in the search grab-bag this time!

  • sparrow like birds
  • thrupenny sixpence sparrows and doves
  • what is the different between a dove and sparrow?
  • sparrow eye recipe
  • family of dove and sparrow
  • sparrow with black bib

Come one, isn’t there ANYTHING in the incoming searches that isn’t sparrows?

  • english pubs cross stitch patterns


British pub names are well-known for being mundane and fantastic (and often archaic) in equal measure, and for tending to fit a few quite rigid patterns: “The Coloured Animal”, “The Monarch’s Symbol”, “The Item and Item”, “The Old Thing”, and so on.

So designing some cross-stitch designs based on English pubs should be fairly easy!

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to Sparrow & Dove, your premier location for learning whether sparrows and doves are the same thing! And also some other stuff, I suppose.

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