A Cross Stitch of Ice and Fire 3

Hello friends, it’s only been like a year since I last did one of these.

Today’s sigils are the Greyjoys and the Tullys, because I like themes and I also like seafood!

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Google Search Q&A 5 – English pub name cross stiches

Hey, let’s see what’s in the search grab-bag this time!

  • sparrow like birds
  • thrupenny sixpence sparrows and doves
  • what is the different between a dove and sparrow?
  • sparrow eye recipe
  • family of dove and sparrow
  • sparrow with black bib

Come one, isn’t there ANYTHING in the incoming searches that isn’t sparrows?

  • english pubs cross stitch patterns


British pub names are well-known for being mundane and fantastic (and often archaic) in equal measure, and for tending to fit a few quite rigid patterns: “The Coloured Animal”, “The Monarch’s Symbol”, “The Item and Item”, “The Old Thing”, and so on.

So designing some cross-stitch designs based on English pubs should be fairly easy!

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Nur bei Grün den Kindern ein Kreuzstich

So, everyone knows that Dove does lovely cross-stitching, but she is not the only cross-stitcher in this house. However, while hers are all lovely patterns based on books, or poems, or lovely concept albums, or friendship, mine are based on weirdly patronizing German street signs.

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Fractal cross-stitch / counted-thread embroidery patterns

Also, staying on the topic of maths, a little while ago, I put some stitching patterns for a couple of fractals, the Sierpinski triangle and the Pythagoras tree, up on Etsy. They didn’t really sell very well, and rather than paying to keep them listed, why not host them here, for free!

I’m putting them up with a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 3.0), because trying to own a piece of maths seems pretty daft, and these designs were made to be remixed anyway. Just link back to this post if you take them and do anything with them.

Click for full size

(Click here for a PDF version)

Originally invented by Wacław Sierpiński in 1915, the Sierpiński Triangle is one of the best known fractals. This pattern creates a frame based on the triangle, which can be adapted to fit almost any design. The corner pieces are 16 x 16 stitches, the middle pieces are 32 x 16, and the smaller triangles that fill in the rest of the border are 8 x 4. The border can be increased to any size by adding more triangles. For a more compact border, the large middle pieces can be removed.

This pattern is 112 x 64 and unmodified fits a design roughly 96 x 32 (3 or 4 lines of text).

Click for full size

(Click here for a PDF version)

The Pythagoras Tree is a compact fractal. The blackwork patterns used to create the bark can be swapped with any other pattern, or simply replaced with cross stitch if desired.

This pattern is 42 x 29. The pattern could be continued to double its size, but further iterations would mean a lot of branches in the middle would start crossing.

Enjoy! And if you use them, send us a picture! I’d love to see these in the wild.

The Hunger Games – Rue

So, despite finishing my Rue months ago, I totally forgot to take a picture and blog her 🙁 Well, here she is.


Better late than never.

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Houses Targaryen and Baratheon

As promised, here is the second batch of A Song Of Ice And Fire sigils!

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A Cross Stitch Of Ice And Fire


Get me, being all regular!

I finished reading the mind-meltingly good A Dance With Dragons yesterday, and the sneaky chapter of The Winds of Winter this morning. At the same time, I’ve been distributing the books around work like they’re some kind of illegal substance, and watching the series.

Is it enough? No, it isn’t. The Winds Of Winter isn’t out, and I’m settling in for the long, long haul of being patient and waiting for the next book. I’ve been all Pollyanna about it and tried to think of reasons why this is good. To wit:

1) Patience is a virtue.

2) Waiting patiently is a challenge and therefore totally character building.

3) I’ll have time to read OTHER BOOKS. Granted, those books may not be as good as the A Song Of Ice And Fire series, as they will probably not have dragons or devious politics (or Tyrion) in them, but variety is the spice of life and all.

4) I’ll have one less distraction to take me away from my own, woefully inadequate, writing.

5) Something something are we there yet something

6) Time for CROSS STITCH!?

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“Actually, it already is a word.”

I can’t say this is my latest cross stitch, because I’m terrible and still have a backlog, but who doesn’t love the IT Crowd? Let’s have more IT Crowd cross stitches.

This one from the episode The Final Countdown.

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Cross Stitches for Friends

So, I haven’t updated with any cross stitches for a while. Have I not been stitching? Chyeah right. I’m actually just that lazy.

So anyway, today’s a two for one deal, which I’m sure you’re all fabulously grateful for.

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The Hunger Games film is finally out, and we finally went to see it yesterday, so I’m full of the joys of spring/gladiatorial games between children 😀  Pretty sure everyone knows already how good this film is, so I won’t bother repeating it, except to say that I especially enjoyed the way they overcame the drawbacks of the first person narrative in film form. Very nicely done.

Also, let’s be honest, there was as much Foxface as I could have (realistically) hoped for, and Foxface is the best. In fact, she is so much the best that my second Hunger Games cross stitch is for her. There may be slight spoilers in the following.

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