Sparrow Songs

Sparrow Songs: Instrumentality

beep beep beep

Our website went down for a bit because the ‘Confirm your identity’ emails got sent to the spam folder. Oh well. We’re back (hopefully).

So, here are some more songs. This time, let’s go for some¬†instrumentals!

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Sparrow Songs: Old and New Yorkshire

A Yorkshire pudding for your Sunday

I came of age in the mid-2000s, in a musical era when guitars had to be described as “angular”, beats as “danceable”, accents as “provincial”, and¬†NME¬†promised that the nexy big thing was New Yorkshire. A lot of the hyped bands of the era never really came to much (remember the Pigeon Detectives? Reverend and the Makers? They were the future once) but there’s a lot to look fondly on there, unless it’s just the nostalgia. So this week, it’s songs from Yorkshire, new and not-so-new.

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Sparrow Songs: Some Soul

GIF of a show called 'The Soul Mass Transit System' from The Simpsons

All aboard

Let’s try something new. Every week (when I remember), I’m going to post a few songs here. Just whatever I’m listening to, really. Anyway, let’s get the ball rolling with a bit of soul.

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