Google Search Q&A 5 – English pub name cross stiches

Hey, let’s see what’s in the search grab-bag this time!

  • sparrow like birds
  • thrupenny sixpence sparrows and doves
  • what is the different between a dove and sparrow?
  • sparrow eye recipe
  • family of dove and sparrow
  • sparrow with black bib

Come one, isn’t there ANYTHING in the incoming searches that isn’t sparrows?

  • english pubs cross stitch patterns


British pub names are well-known for being mundane and fantastic (and often archaic) in equal measure, and for tending to fit a few quite rigid patterns: “The Coloured Animal”, “The Monarch’s Symbol”, “The Item and Item”, “The Old Thing”, and so on.

So designing some cross-stitch designs based on English pubs should be fairly easy!

Dove deserves most of the credit for this one – many of the cross-stitch designs are based on her ASOIAF patterns. Also, she did the horse from scratch when she got frustrated with my attempts to turn a stag into one. THANK YOU.

Red Lion (and White Lion, Gold Lion, Blue Lion, Black Lion…)

Aww, what a lovely lion.

White Horse


White Hart

Deer me!



Not the last, hopefully.

Rose and Crown (and Rose, and Crown…)

I know the rose is a little small, but hopefully they look ok together. Why yes, that is a Tudor rose!

Green Dragon (and Red Dragon, etc… It could be George and the Dragon, if you feel like drawing a George)

Based on an unused design for the Targaryen dragon, before Dove realised Westeros dragons don’t have front legs.

Royal Oak

Named after the oak tree that King Charles II hid up, apparently.

So there you go! English pub cross stitch patterns, and not a sparrow in sight…

  • cross stitch sparrow


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