A Cross Stitch of Ice and Fire 3

Hello friends, it’s only been like a year since I last did one of these.

Today’s sigils are the Greyjoys and the Tullys, because I like themes and I also like seafood!

Golden kraken on a black field

No references again. Couldn’t resist giving him a little beaky grin.

Leaping trout, silver, on a field of rippling blue and red.

No references. You can’t really see the silver detail on the trout, sorry. I was going to blackwork-style stitch over it in silver, but I’m lazy and I also thought it would look cluttered. Much preferred the series version of the Tully crest, to be honest, but we live and we learn. Also I am a bit sad that its eye looks so starkly like a cross. Makes the trout look a bit dead. Sorry.

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2 Responses to A Cross Stitch of Ice and Fire 3

  1. Wait wait wait. You do RRRR Martin cross stitch, like sf-y YA, and LIVE IN FRANKFURT TOO?! Can we please hang out? Just saying.

  2. Vanessa says:

    That’s so cool – I found you through Charlotte’s blog and I love it! I love to sew (more machine though) and am currently reading Game of Thrones – nice work there 🙂

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