“Actually, it already is a word.”

I can’t say this is my latest cross stitch, because I’m terrible and still have a backlog, but who doesn’t love the IT Crowd? Let’s have more IT Crowd cross stitches.

This one from the episode The Final Countdown.

I’ve mostly done pictures so far in my short cross stitching life. And when I look for references, I inevitably find squillions of amazing cross stitches that better stitchers than me have done before. It was the same for all my IT Crowd ones. Worse, in fact. Of course geeks are fabulous cross stitchers. OF COURSE. I’m hardly original in seeing the potential in the pixel figures.

There are other amazing ones as well. Some of my favourites:

I came here to drink milk and kick ass (from the same episode)

I’ll just put this over here with the rest of the fire (handy dandy pattern!)

That and my sweet style

There are more variations on “have you tried turning it off and on again” than you could shake a stick at.

So anyway, one day I was thinking that I wanted to try my hand at something a bit hipstery-twee, and this clip of The Final Countdown provided me with my inspiration. I was also kind of sick of greens and browns (you shall see my Hunger Games Rue cross stitch soon enough!). I have loads of random colours of thread for details here and there, and it seemed a shame to let them languish in the thread box. I wanted to do something colourful and silly and simple, and it turned out pretty damn well.

And without further ado, my handiwork:

Can you use it in a sentence?

The Countdown letters are a bit hard to read – I should really have made them bigger. I can assure you that they say TNETENNBA though.


“That’s” is adapted from this font

“a” comes from this font

“nice” comes from the second picture here

TNETENNBA was designed by me (it’s easy enough though, seriously  guys), as were the birds (again, pretty generic design) and the swirly flourish things at the top and bottom.

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