More Crane Wife sketches

Frankfurt’s got freezing cold pretty much overnight, so I’m sitting here in my dressing gown while the kettle boils, and procrastinating from typing up more story. Yay.

Instead, have some more biro sketches of stuff!

Oddly intriguing.

It isn't a red-crowned crane but eh, best I could do.

It was suggested to me that to really get to grips with the anatomy of the red-crowned crane I should strip it all back and get a feel for the skeleton. This would probably have been helpful if I was a better artist. As it is, I just copy things down wholesale :/ Should probably work on that. Anyway, there is a crane skeleton, found on Google images.

And what about the other bits and pieces?

Well, they all came together in the end (along with some truly dire pictures of trees) to create this:


Something like this.

I tell you now, though, the finished product isn’t going to look anything like that. I’m going to pare it back brutally. I want it to be as minimalist as possible. I want to stick to the images of the song – snow, branches, feathers, heavy grey sky, a crane. If possible, I’d like to give the impression of brushstrokes, but I know that this is probably just wild fantasy and will never happen.

So, that’s exactly where I am with my cross stitch/blackwork patterning. Wish me luck!

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