Garden update!

A couple of months ago, I blogged about our budding balcony garden. I thought that would be it, but apparently plants do this weird thing called “grow”. I know, right? STRANGE.

So, here’s an update on how our garden has “grown”.

Assorted wild flowers

From the back...

And the front

The wildflowers shot up and bloomed. We now have a mixture of grasses, unidentified flowers with big rosette-y blooms, and unidentified flowers with big daisy-like blooms. I is best gardener.


Love in a mist plants, minus flowers, gone to seed


The love-in-a-mist flowered, which I totally forgot to take a photograph of, and now it’s started to seed. It was good while it lasted.



The lavender was growing quite slowly and stuntedly. Then we did some weeding (by which I mean, took out the damn tree that was growing in their place) and thinned them out a little. Since then, they’ve shot up, and they already smell gorgeous. One upshot of this long summer is that the plants have all found their second wind, so to speak.

Mysterious no-longer-invader


So yeah, there’s no use prevaricating about the bush. It’s a tree. We’ve put it in its own pot now, and it’s grown so tall that we’ll need to cane it up before long. Still no damn clue what it actually is though.


They keep on chiving on.



We repotted the tomatoes and gave them some fresh compost. With the warm sunny weather, they’ve continued to shoot up, growing dozens more flowers despite a nasty accident where one blew down and the trunk snapped clean open. They’re doing so well that we’ll probably be able to take them inside and grow them in the living room window when temperatures start to drop and have tomatoes all through the winter (it’s 28 degrees here, in early September – temperatures may not drop for a while).


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