Crossword time!

One of the hobbies that I tend not to tell people about is my love of crosswords. With most major newspapers putting both a quick and a cryptic on their website every day (and Cyclops in Private Eye, my favourite cryptic, arriving every fortnight), it’s pretty easy to indulge.

But for a while I’ve wanted to have a go at crafting my own. So, without further ado, here’s my first full attempt at a cryptic, hosted by the lovely Across Crosswords:

SPOILERS from here on down.

For the most part, it’s (hopefully) fair if not quite Ximenean. 16a however is a shameless Zelda reference (I’m not sorry), and 9a and 18a are both rather lumpen (I’m trying to think of ways to prune them down and tidy them up). 3d is bad, but I worked myself into a corner there. 15d is a triple definition, which some solvers consider unfair, so be warned?

7a I’m quite fond of. 4d was the first clue I came up with. Any comments?

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