Lego Galluswarte Turm

Following last week’s S-Wagen, here’s another Frankfurt landmark in Lego form: the Galluswarte!

The Galluswarte is one of the four 14th Century watchtowers in Frankfurt. With the defense of the city borders no longer a major concern for the people of Frankfurt, it has been heavily rebuilt and given a number of more mundane and humiliating duties – tram ticket office, Trinkhalle (something halfway between an off-licence and an open air pub), public toilet, and even ventilation shaft for the sewer system. Poor Galluswarte 🙁

So, next time you’re in the area, take a minute to appreciate this underappreciated piece of Frankfurt architecture. In particular, take a look around the back. Although you can’t see it from the tram, the old gate is still in place on the backside of the “An der Galluswarte” Trinkhalle.

So there you go! If anyone has any tips for how to capture the windows of the tower in Lego, please leave a comment!

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