In praise of… the adverts for Frankfurt’s municipal services

The twenty-first century is a weird time. The word “phone” now refers to small computer that you poke. People can devote themselves full time to swearing at celebrities. And everything needs a brand.

Luckily, Frankfurt’s municipal services are more than up to the task. Here are some of the best.

Here’s VGF, Frankfurt’s transport company. A classic. All you really need to understand is that everyone who’s shouting is a Frankfurt fan, and the lonely guy in the striped shirt is a Bayern Munich fan.

Oh, and “Alle fahren mit”? That means “Everyone rides”. Wonderful.

RMV is the organisation that combines VGF, the German railways and other local transport companies into a coordinated system. They have a bigger region and accordingly get a fancier advert. Skirting the boundaries of copyright a bit there, eh?

FES is the Frankfurt bin company. Here’s FES with a bit of parkour, which I hear was very popular about a decade ago.

Frankfurt Airport is trying very much to get approval for a fourth runway, and here’s how they decided to do it. Check out that CGI.

Mainova is the Frankfurt energy company. This is the slightly old advert – they have a new branding video, but it’s a) unembedable, b) eight minutes long, and c) features a bloody CHILDREN’S CHOIR.

Hessen Police! Because being in the police is kinda like being in a Coldplay-cover band, right?

While the police like their adverts soulful, the Frankfurt fire brigade go METAL. YEAH, EXTINGUISH THAT BIN FIRE. CUT DOWN THAT ROTTING TREE. BOOM.

And finally, here’s the advert for Frankfurt itself. What makes Frankfurt so special? Mostly the word FRANKFURT flashing up all the time. Also, that time they blew up a tower.

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