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Here we are again. Another year of OV Sneak Preview – the showing of a random new movie each week at Frankfurt Metropolis cinema. In 2014 and 2015, I collected all the statistics of the films we saw and did a bit of maths. Now, let’s do it all again. This time, we also have statistics for how many films passed the Bechdel test, provided by the lovely Dove.

Let’s get cracking.

Film length in minutes each week

This year, Sneak seems to have relented a bit on its usual habit of putting the longest films in the winter months – only 2 of the 10 longest films aired in the GMT winter time. However, only 2 of the shortest did as well. American Honey, clocking in at 163 minutes, was by far the longest film we’ve ever had at Sneak. Given that the film usually starts around 21:30, this meant it was well after midnight when we left the cinema.

Histogram of film lengths

Seriously, look at what an outlier American Honey is.

Film genres

Film genres per month (again, sorry about the stacked bar chart!)

Yet again, biopics and based-on-a-true-story dramas reigned supreme. Thrillers continued their decline. As in 2014, the Oscar bait season (delayed a few months by the German release schedule) saw drama make a big dent in the first few months of the year.


True stories sailed past original concepts, as Hollywood was overtaken by the urge to turn every person and event of the twentieth century into a middlebrow drama, with varying results.

Film settings

This is just getting painful. Two-thirds of all films took place in the USA (including the two that took place at sea in US waters), making this our most American year yet.

Rotten Tomatoes scores over the year

There were some real stinkers this year – Dirty Grandpa tied with last year’s Unfinished Business with just 11%. Zootopia (or is Zootropolis) and Hell and High Water – two very different films – both got 98%.

And finally, the Bechdel test. How many films this year featured a conversation between two named female characters?

Bechdel Test pie chart

Is it film statistics, or a 2016 election graph? Hint: it’s nowhere near close enough to 50:50.

Some repeat offenders: Tina Fey (Sisters, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot), Tom Hanks (Sully, A Hologram for the King), Jonah Hill (War Dogs, Sausage Party), Jesse Eisenberg (Cafe Society, Now You See Me 2), Amy Adams (Arrival, Nocturnal Animals),

And the full data:

Date Film Setting Genre Based on Bechdel? Length RT
04/01/16 Suite Francaise France Drama Book Yes 107 75
11/01/16 Daddy’s Home USA Comedy Original No 96 31
18/01/16 Ride Along 2 USA Comedy Sequel Yes 102 14
25/01/16 Dirty Grandpa USA Comedy Original No 102 11
01/02/16 Sisters USA Comedy Original Yes 118 60
08/02/16 Concussion USA Biopic True Story No 123 61
15/02/16 Spotlight USA Biopic True Story No 128 96
22/02/16 13 Hours Libya Action True Story No 144 50
29/02/16 Zootopia Zootropolis Animation Original Yes 108 98
07/03/16 Trumbo USA Biopic True Story Yes 124 73
14/03/16 Eddie the Eagle World Tour Biopic True Story No 106 80
21/03/16 10 Cloverfield Lane USA Psychological Original Yes 104 90
28/03/16 The Finest Hours Sea Drama True Story Yes 117 63
04/04/16 Freeheld USA Biopic True Story Yes 103 48
11/04/16 The Lady in the Van UK Biopic True Story Yes 104 92
18/04/16 A Hologram for the King Saudi Arabia Dramedy Book No 98 71
25/04/16 A Bigger Splash Italy Drama Remake Yes 125 90
02/05/16 Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Afghanistan Dramedy True Story Yes 112 68
09/05/16 Miracles from Heaven USA Christian True Story Yes 109 43
16/05/16 Sing Street Ireland Musical Original No 106 96
23/05/16 Nice Guys USA Action Original Yes 116 92
30/05/16 Truth USA Drama True Story Yes 125 62
06/06/16 Bastille Day France Action Original No 92 46
13/06/16 Demolition USA Drama Original No 101 52
20/06/16 Neon Demon USA Psychological Original Yes 118 56
27/06/16 High Rise UK Psychological Book Yes 119 62
04/07/16 Our Kind of Traitor World Tour Thriller Book Yes 108 72
11/07/16 Maggie’s Plan USA Romcom Original Yes 98 85
18/07/16 Tarzan Belgian Congo Adventure Book Yes 110 35
25/07/16 Captain Fantastic USA Dramedy Original Yes 118 83
01/08/16 Now You See Me 2 UK Action Sequel No 129 35
08/08/16 Genius USA Biopic True Story No 104 51
15/08/16 Suicide Squad USA Action Comics Yes 123 26
22/08/16 Nerve USA Thriller Book Yes 96 65
29/08/16 War Dogs World Tour Dramedy True Story Yes 114 60
05/09/16 Bad Moms USA Comedy Original Yes 100 60
12/09/16 Sausage Party USA Animation Original Yes 89 84
19/09/16 Snowden World Tour Biopic True Story No 134 61
26/09/16 The Infiltrator USA Biopic True Story No 127 69
03/10/16 Elvis & Nixon USA Biopic True Story No 86 76
10/10/16 American Honey USA Drama Original Yes 163 79
17/10/16 The Accountant USA Action Original No 128 51
24/10/16 Cafe Society USA Dramedy Original No 96 70
31/10/16 Sully USA Biopic True Story No 96 85
07/11/16 Deepwater Horizon Sea Action True Story No 107 83
14/11/16 Arrival USA Sci-Fi Book Yes 116 94
21/11/16 Bad Santa 2 USA Comedy Sequel No 92 24
28/11/16 Hell or High Water USA Heist Original No 102 98
05/12/16 Mr Church USA Biopic True Story Yes 104 15
12/12/16 Nocturnal Animals USA Psychological Book Yes 116 71
19/12/16 Allied World Tour Thriller Original No 124 61
26/12/16 A Street Cat Named Bob UK Dramedy True Story No 103 76
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