German Reading Project – Die Tribute Von Panem by Suzanne Collins, Chapter 4

(Translated by Sylke Hachmeister and Peter Klöss.)

Should hopefully have everything typed up and ready to post by the end of the weekend, but let’s not make promises here.

Another double entry!

Favourite Hunger Games-themed word:

das Pfeilkraut: katniss. I have to wonder why German changed her name here! Who wouldn’t want to read the story of brave Pfeilkraut and her adorable sister Primel? For that matter, Collins missed a trick not calling Katniss Duck Potato or Wapatoo, amirite?

Favourite normal daily use word:

die Sauferei: boozing. Looking up the definition of this also introduced me to the amazing (and real) English words “crapulousness” and “crapulence“, which I’m going to have to fit into my daily vocabulary as much as I can from now on.

Well, just be glad I didn’t give you all the vomit words from the beginning of Haymitch’s Sauferei in this chapter.

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