German Reading Project: Die Tribute Von Panem by Suzanne Collins, Chapters 10 & 11

You’re probably sick of me by this point.

Oh well!

Just want to reiterate what a well-written character Katniss is. Lots of people claim to write flawed characters, especially in YA, but for me, Katniss is the undisputed Flawed Yet Real Queen. The pinnacle (so far in this rereading) for me is her conversation with Peeta on the roof of the building, where he’s trying to explain his rebellious feelings and Katniss doesn’t get it at all. Just a great moment, and a fantastic example of how thoroughly Katniss has been shaped by the world she lives in. And Peeta too – his not having the words to articulate his feelings is a direct result of living under the oppression of Panem.

Chapter 10:

mausetot: stone-dead. Or mouse-dead! Whichever seems deader to you!

Bonus word which reminded me of a great English word! die Schlachtbank: shambles

Chapter 11:

schnarchen: to snore. How could I choose any word over this amazing onomatopoeia?

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