German Reading Project: Die Tribute Von Panem by Suzanne Collins, Chapters 8 & 9

I’ve got to the stage where reading a single chapter isn’t taking me days and days anymore, and anyone who’s ever read The Hunger Games will know that there’s a tipping point where the story stops being merely compelling and becomes furiously magnetic, so I’m going to read two chapters between English-language books now. Finishing Chapter 9 took me to the end of Teil 1: Die Tribute and into Teil 2: Die Spiele, so exciting stuff!

Favourite words are:

Chapter 9

die Schwippgalgenfalle: a twitch-up trap. The best part of German is the long, unpronounceable words, am I right? I had to look this one up in English too, mind.

Chapter 10

smaragdgrün: emerald green. I just love the word “smaragd”. It’s just so unlike all other German words, and the internet tells me this is because it comes from Latin – but “smaragdus” sounds weird for Latin as well. And the internet tells me this is because it comes from Greek, and… I know nothing about Greek so can’t comment. What a great word. I want to shout it while toasting with tankards of mead. Smaragd!

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