Thoughts: Nomad, by Alan Partridge

I’m so behind on these. Argh.

Anyway, let me open by saying that if you come from an Alan Partridgeless existence, then may I recommend you remedying that asap.

Just, where do you even start?

Partridge’s autobiography, I, Partridge: We Need To Talk About Alan quickly became a classic of the celebrity autobiography genre, so it was no surprise that he’d come back to writing. And his latest outing does not disappoint. In Nomad, the author takes us on a journey both physical and personal as he retraces the Footsteps of his Father (TM)*.

Those who were wondering what Partridge has been up to since we last heard from him will be pleased to hear that he has no intentions of leaving television or radio behind, and I wish him all the luck in the world with his Footsteps of My Father television programme pitch. The prospective logo, included in the book’s photo pages, promises to be as classically recognisable as the Blue Peter ship.

Partridge maintains the style of his wildly popular autobiography in this travel memoir, with a liberal use of informative and often educational footnotes, and offering us refreshingly straightforward glimpses through the glittering curtain of showbusiness throughout. His unique way with words is sure to delight and enrapture, making the reader feel as though they’re part of Partridge’s “inner circle”. But it’s not all glamour, walking tips and straight-talking – Partridge truly opens up in Nomad, giving us a look at his childhood, his often strained relationship with his father and the ghosts that still haunt him after the infamous 2013 siege of North Norfolk Digital Radio. In one particularly tender chapter, he reminisces about a close friend who lost his life** during the incident.

In summary, Alan Partridge still has a lot to share with the world, and we can only hope he will continue to do so, and that one day we’ll see him back on our screens.

*Actually not sure I need the TM if I change the pronoun.

** Conjecture.

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