Thoughts: Falling Awake, by Alice Oswald

This was a slightly strange reading experience, devoured from beginning to end in a hospital waiting room before an appointment I was pretty nervous about, heavily pregnant, wearing a mask for three hours and hating it. So a moment very stuck in time, in short. I wish I could do justice to this book, but my brain is just not in smart mode right now, and it wasn’t really then either.

Strange, lovely poetry entwined with nature and somehow timelessness, shot through with light and bedrocked in myth. Particular favourites were Tithonus and Dunt: a poem for a dried up river, but honestly I savoured every poem in the book, enjoying the imagery and language.

The Kindle edition is nice, though the font was small. It might have been images of the pages rather than the usual way they do text, for formatting reasons (especially Tithonus) I’m not sure if that can be changed, I’m not very tech-savvy and it didn’t bother me too much so I didn’t really try…

I honestly wish I had more to say, but instead pretty much all I can say is that I highly recommend it, and will be revisiting it regularly and looking for more of Oswald’s work.

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