Valentine’s Poem

This is the poem I wrote for Spuggy and gave him on the morning of our wedding <3

OK, I meant to give it to him then but I forgot because I was so nervous. I gave it to him that night…

From the Bride to the Bridegroom on their Wedding Day

Your bride-to-be’s a scaredy cat. Howay,
Let’s call it what it is, from truth not swerve.
The only saving grace is that, today
My worries may be termed “the bridal nerves”.
The flowers might all wilt, the plates be smashed,
The clocks might change or all the dates be wrong.
I might get down the aisle to find I’ve flashed
Our guests a sight they won’t forget for long.
The bridesmaid might get lost, the rings forgot,
I might get stage fright when I make my vows.
Aye, when you think about it, quite a lot
Might go wrong ‘twixt the honeymoon and now.
I wonder if you know – I’m sure you do –
The one thing I’m not nervous of is you.

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