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Frankfurt Flexity Tram in Lego

Wow, long time no blog. I recently discovered Lego Digital Designer and, immediately after, the Lego Digital Designer to POV-Ray Converter. With these two tools, you can create basically any Lego model you like, for free, without having to hunt … Continue reading

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Maps! Wait, they don’t love you like I love you! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaps!

Sadly, my original plan to show the flow of transport around Frankfurt over the course of a day failed due to the extreme lack of availability of timetable data in a halfway reasonable format. So instead, here’s some maps of … Continue reading

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Google Search Q&A 2

A few months ago, Dove wrote a post for one poor hapless soul who ended up on our blog after searching for “is sparrow and dove same thing?” Since then, we’ve had people find our site using “is a sparrow … Continue reading

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Solving the Börneplatz Problem

Last night, I blogged about an inefficient bit of track design at Börneplatz in Frankfurt. And to make it EVEN MORE exciting, I left… A CLIFFHANGER.

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The Börneplatz Problem

This is a little maths problem I was thinking about on the tram back today. Until recently, there were two tramlines running through the centre of Frankfurt, the 11 and the 12. The two lines follow the same track through … Continue reading

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The unbelievable film titles of a wacky country

One of the first things that you notice when you turn on the TV, go to a bookshop or even just glance at a movie poster in Germany is that for some reason almost everything has a different title here. … Continue reading

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Another day, another soup – Cream of Pepper

So apparently all the recipes I post are for soups? Well, whatever, soups are delicious and this is the perfect time of the year for them (incidentally, our max/min thermometer claims it’s been down as low as -16°C at night … Continue reading

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Two bits of shameless marketing

I popped into Offenbach today, just to see what it’s like. Annoyingly, the town closed its tramlines in the 90s, so instead the trams just come to a sudden halt at a set of buffers built at the city limits, … Continue reading

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Lentil and Frankfurter soup

The secret ingredient in frankfurters/wieners (they’re more or less the same thing – the Austrians call them Frankfurter Würstel, the Germans call them Wiener Würstchen) is ridiculous amounts of nitrate salt, which means that a) they need very little cooking, … Continue reading

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Mushroom, tarragon and goat’s cheese soup

Another recipe! This one’s inspired by a delicious mushroom soup from Bettys in Harrogate, this is a fairly quick and easy soup which goes great with crusty bread. It has a savoury aniseed taste from the tarragon, balanced by the … Continue reading

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