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Here we are again.* A year of Frankfurt movie sneak previews, in statistics! You can see 2014, 2015 and 2016, now without further ado, here’s 2017!

Movie length in minutes over the year, with 4-week moving average

Histogram of movie length in minutes

Perhaps it was just a fluke that in 2014 and 2015, all the short films were in summer and the long ones in winter. This year there wasn’t much of a pattern, although we didn’t get any really short (sub 100 minutes) movies in the depths of winter. The histogram is pretty noisy, but doesn’t look especially interesting either. I think next year for the 5th anniversary of Sneak stats, I’ll combine them into one big graph and see if any patterns are visible. The shortest film was Table 19 at 87 minutes, the longest was Wonder Woman at 141. But were they any good?


Rotten Tomatoes rating over the year, with 4-week moving average

Histogram of Rotten Tomatoes rating

Overall, a mixed but mostly decent bag. The best rated films were Moonlight and The Big Sick on 98% each – two extremely different stories about romance and the minority experience. The lowest rated was the Flatliners remake, which I think is the most critically-detested film we’ve ever had at Sneak on just 5%. Three films (Patrick’s DayCrawlspace/Within and Alien Invasion: S.U.M.1) didn’t have enough reviews for a rating.

So what were they about?

Bar chart of genres

Stacked bar chart (sorry) of film genres by month

Poor Dove. No fan of horrors, this year she had to put up with 10 of them. Biopics are apparently on their way out, and you can see Oscar-bait season (as ever, shifted by the German release schedule) totally shrivel up in the second half of the year. Between La La Land and Baby Driver, this was our most musical year yet.

Where were the films set?

Bar chart of countries

Bar chart of settings by decade

The only thing that stopped this being the most American year yet is that I decided to class Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk as Iraq even though it’s probably more USA, and because I don’t fully get US tribal sovereignty (which says Native American reservations are technically “domestic dependent nations”), I classed Wild River Reservation separately. Germany put in a good showing, but literally no other country was represented more than one – the same as Jumanji. India gets a shout-out for sort of being the topic of two movies, but Victoria & Abdul mostly took place in Scotland, while Pakistan was a major theme (but not setting) of both Viceroy’s House and The Big Sick. This was actually the best year for British movies yet, with over 10% of films set there. As for decades, you can see the nostalgia effect clearly: lots of films set between the 60s, 70s and 80s, but few (so far) for the 90s and 00s. Earliest set film was The Limehouse Golem in the 1880s, most recent period-piece was Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.

Where did these ideas come from?

Bar chart of movie origins

As ever, Sneak didn’t give us too many remakes or sequels (those it did give us were universally bad – no 22 Jump Streets this year). With 11 movies based on novels (plus more true story movies inspired by non-fiction books), Dove’s plan to read every book we watch a film of was pretty difficult this year.

Finally, did women get to talk?

Pie chart of Bechdel test pass/fails

About three quarters of the time, yes! But… often, only for the most fleeting moments, and there were lots of edge cases (almost as if filmmakers now deliberately include a couple of lines of dialogue just to push a movie over the edge). See for a soul-sapping conversation about whether IT passes based solely on one girl calling another a slut.

Some misc stats:

Films about Groundhog Day-style loops: 2 (Before I Fall and Happy Death Day)

Films where Will Ferrell played an insecure father, which were also both named after residences: 2 (The House and Daddy’s Home 2)

Films in which It comes, usually at night: 2

Films in which a sacred deer is killed: 0

Here’s the full table for your reading pleasure:

Date Film Length Genre Setting Year Setting Bechdel? RT Based on?
02/01/17 La La Land 128 Musical USA Present day Yes 92 Original concept
09/01/17 Why Him? 111 Comedy USA Present day No 38 Original concept
16/01/17 Hidden Figures 127 Biopic USA 1960s Yes 93 True story
23/01/17 Live By Night 129 Crime USA 1920s No 35 Book
30/01/17 Billy Lynn’s Long Half Time Walk 113 Drama Iraq 2000s No 46 Book
06/02/17 The Girl With All The Gifts 111 Horror UK Near future Yes 84 Original concept
13/02/17 Patrick’s Day 101 Drama Ireland Present day ? N/A Original concept
20/02/17 Sleepless 95 Crime USA Present day Yes 21 Remake
27/02/17 The Founder 115 Biopic USA 1950s No 83 True story
06/03/17 Moonlight 111 Drama USA Present day No 98 Original concept
13/03/17 Within / Crawlspace 88 Horror USA Present day Yes N/A Original concept
20/03/17 Bleed for This 117 Biopic USA 1980s No 71 True story
27/03/17 Gold 121 Crime Indonesia 1980s No 43 True story
03/04/17 The Last Word 108 Dramedy USA Present day Yes 38 Original concept
10/04/17 ChiPs 101 Comedy USA Present day Yes 17 Remake
17/04/17 A Monster Calls 108 Fantasy UK Present day Yes 86 Book
24/04/17 Before I Fall 99 Drama USA Present day Yes 63 Book
01/05/17 Berlin Syndrome 116 Horror Germany Present day No 74 Book
08/05/17 Table 19 87 Comedy USA Present day Yes 26 Original concept
15/05/17 Born to be Blue 97 Drama USA 1960s No 88 True story
22/05/17 Loving 123 Biopic USA 1960s Yes 89 True story
29/05/17 The Dinner 120 Drama USA Present day Yes 50 Book
05/06/17 Trespass Against Us 99 Dramedy UK Present day Yes 56 Original concept
12/06/17 Wonder Woman 141 Action Belgium 1910s Yes 92 Comic book
19/06/17 Everything, Everything 96 Drama USA Present day Yes 45 Book
26/06/17 The Promise 134 Drama Armenia 1910s Yes 50 True story
03/07/17 The House 88 Comedy USA Present day Yes 16 Original concept
10/07/17 Baby Driver 113 Musical USA Present day No 93 Original concept
17/07/17 Hampstead 103 Drama UK Present day Yes 43 True story
24/07/17 Wish Upon 90 Horror USA Present day Yes 17 Original concept
31/07/17 Viceroy’s House 106 Drama India 1940s No 76 True story
07/08/17 Atomic Blonde 115 Action Germany 1980s Yes 76 Comic book
14/08/17 What Happened To Monday? 123 Action European Federation Near future Yes 63 Original concept
21/08/17 Annabelle: The Creation 110 Horror USA 1950s Yes 69 Sequel
28/08/17 The Limehouse Golem 105 Mystery UK 1880s Yes 73 Book
04/09/17 American Made 115 Crime World trip 1970s No 88 True story
11/09/17 Wind River 111 Mystery Tribal Reservation Present day Yes 87 Original concept
18/09/17 IT 135 Horror USA 1980s Yes 85 Book
25/09/17 Victoria and Abdul 111 Dramedy UK 1890s Yes 65 True story
02/10/17 Home Again 97 Romcom USA Present day Yes 32 Original concept
09/10/17 American Assassin 111 Action World trip Present day Yes 34 Book
16/10/17 SUM1 91 Action Germany Near future ? N/A Original concept
23/10/17 The Big Sick 117 Romcom USA Present day Yes 98 True story
30/10/17 It Comes at Night 91 Horror USA Near future Yes 88 Original concept
06/11/17 Happy Death Day 96 Horror USA Present day Yes 71 Original concept
13/11/17 Battle of the Sexes 121 Comedy USA 1970s Yes 76 True story
20/11/17 Girls Trip 122 Comedy USA Present day Yes 90 Original concept
27/11/17 Flatliners 110 Horror USA Present day Yes 5 Remake
04/12/17 Daddy’s Home 2 100 Comedy USA Present day Yes 19 Sequel
11/12/17 The Killing of a Sacred Deer 121 Horror USA Present day Yes 79 Original concept
18/12/17 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 119 Comedy Jumanji Present day Yes 75 Sequel
25/12/17 The Sense of an Ending 108 Mystery UK Time skips No 75 Book

* I started last year’s post with this phrase as well, totally unaware it would be a key catchphrase in a 2017 movie (The Limehouse Golem)

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